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Hearing these few words will send shivers down your spine, dreaming about it will wake you up instnatly just as if you were in a real, life-like nightmare. It is not something any man wishes to hear!

We are not referring to getting let go from your job because this or that negative reason, absolutely not! Hearing that from a boss can easily be brushed of as so what, there are more jobs out there for me. So if it’s not the “You’re Fired!” that’s the most haunting phrase anyone could cast upon you, then what is it?

Well, believe it or not it’s “ITS OK BABE, ITS NOT HOW BIG IT IS ITS HOW YOU USE IT”

If this doesn’t make you feel horrible, then you should feel bad. It is a proven fact that women who say this to their partner aren’t satisfied by their size. They just try and be nice about it. We don’t want nice, we want the cold hearted truth so we can do something about it, and get one of those stellar penis sizes women love to tell their girlfriends about!

Just like the size of their breasts, they “understand” and comfort themselves that penis size is pretty well the same natural thing as breast size.

It’s a lie, and you know it! They really wish you had a big penis to rock their world!

A lot of guys like big boobs, but many love the tiny little breasts too, but you’d never likely hear a lady tell her best gf that I want and enjoy small dicks! It is the truth, Believe it!

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In reality no woman would ever say that they prefer small penises while out having coffee or shopping with the girls. This would just sound wrong because the size really matters and its the ultimate way to pleasing a woman to the fullest. Big boobs or small tits both can be fun to play with, but if a penile erection is small there won’t be much jumping for joy going on!

READ THIS NOW! The reviews on this site are honest, they are not make yourself feel good articles, or self improvement articles telling you how to deal and live with a small penis that won’t likely give the pleasure treatment your lady will deserve.

Clearly you need to and want to do something to increase your penis size and become the talk of the girlfriend circles everywhere. You want a penis that your woman will dream about when she’s not with you, and talk to all her gfs about. If it didn’t happen to you yet, it can – she goes to work, it’s a boring day and she fantasizes about your big shlong penetrating her from the previous night. Does she do something like this if you have a small penis? Chances are nope!

Hopefully, you understand the real benefits of why enlarging your penis is a great idea.

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The great thing is you’ve arrived at the page all about penis enlargement that will not only shed light on all the different products you can use to increase dick size, but give you honest opinions of people who actually used them.

There are so many penis enlargement products out there that choosing the right product has been hard and confusing for many, thus they quickly gave up and never got with the program to enlarge their penises. We’ve made this page to help you quickly learn about all the different products and methods. Our reviews are informative, and our guides help you get through the process up until seeing your very first signs of a bigger penis!

Penis enlargement works, but there are way too many things out there that are placebo. We’ve hand picked the solutions that have lasting effects and that really do work in the world of penis enlargement.

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